To the girl I unintentionally ignored today coming back from the park.

I was walking with my head down, probably daydreaming, my attention completely elsewhere, and only realised it was you once we passed each other.

I didn’t recognize you from afar because my eye-sight is useless without my glasses.

You were with a friend and it would’ve been weird of me to walk back after you, adding to awkwardness.

I’m sorry I didn’t say hi or smile back.

You’ll probably not see this, we’ve met only once, but I remember giving you a link to this site, my Twitter, and my YouTube music.


- Umar

P.S. You have a nice smile.

Be cautious of crowd pleasing.
Do not lose yourself.


You are that rare combination
beautiful face
and beautiful heart.


The song I heard the day we met;
I see your face whenever it plays.

One Day (work in progress)

One day
we’ll unchain from our 9 to 5,
vacate these rented-rooms, and
flee this city.

We’ll sail across the sky,
surrender on white Mediterranean sands,
a sea-shells throw away – our villa admires the diamond-glossed ocean.

At sundown
our bodies blend together beside log-fire,
a duet of mini-speakers sing your favourite Miles Davis record,
I’ll passionately savour the sea-salt on your passionately sun-kissed skin.


Your name.

A song you love.

An old ticket to a movie I took you to.

Messages I haven’t deleted.

Someone who laughs just like you.

A black dress I saw on a mannequin.

little reminders that arrest me
and take me back
whenever I find them.